Analysing trade frequency during the season

I have a question: I am trying to analyse trade frequency during the season, to give especially new users an idea why certain times seem like no-one is active, and when to expect busy times. I have downloaded the trade history from a number of random leagues, but I am looking for
a) either some league numbers that are known to have been around long and are active, or
b) perhaps a trade history of Ottoneu as a whole (@nivshah, @LuckyStrikes ?).

Nothing spectacular, but this gives an idea (again based on just some random leagues):


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Shoot me an email and maybe I can get you a CSV to work off of.

Thanks Niv,
I sent it to helpottoneu. Hope that’s ok.

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Thanks to Niv’s data I created the following dashboard on Tableau Public:

It shows the trends in trading on Ottoneu, and on a league level who are active trading partners, and where there may be some opportunities.

Thanks again @nivshah !