Anderson Espinoza not appearing in search

Niv could you add Anderson Espinoza to the pool? He was actually on our restricted list but once I removed him I cannot find him any more

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If you added him to the restricted list he is definitely in the system. Might be a bug where the site hasn’t recognized he was removed from the restricted list. I’ll check it out ASAP.

Anderson Espinoza is still in the Ottoneu player pool. I’ve done one thing to try to get him to appear in searches again. Please let me know if it worked, otherwise please let me know in which league he’s not appearing in search.

Thanks Trey!

So this is a pretty crazy one: because it has been so long since Anderson Espinoza’s last game pitched, the Ottoneu platform has flagged him as retired. That is why he is not showing up across all leagues.

I’ve manually overridden his status in the system and Espinoza is appearing in searches now.


The system marks players as retired if they have not played a major or minor league game in over two years.

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