Announce name of each nominated player in Draft Room

The auction draft experience would be better if the draft room software spoke the name of each player when nominated.

It would take some work to create the audio files, but maybe there’s a way to make it a fun offseason thing. There would need to be a placeholder clip for obscure players. There are probably many other technical challenges, but the benefits should be self-evident to any manager who has ever missed out on the bidding for a coveted player because he or she was looking away at just the wrong moment… which is to say, nearly everyone who has ever played Ottoneu! :rofl:

Just want to be extremely clear in saying this is never going to happen.

Pretty fun reach idea I guess.


What if I told you I could get Bobcat Goldthwait involved?


Rather have Bob Sheppard

Vin Sculley has a lot of time on his hands these days.

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Vin Scully would be the dream

Bobcat Goldthwait would maybe be the nightmare