Any chance of shortening the waiting period for trades?

I find it rather frustrating having to wait 48 hours for a trade to be processed, as I often have other moves waiting to be made (other trades, roster cuts, player claims, etc)… any way it can be shorted to 24 hours? Active owners are going to respond by then and I doubt a huge percentage of voters for the trades are active in the 25-48 hour range.


Maybe allow leagues to toggle this to 0/24/48?


0 seems like a very, very bad idea :slight_smile:

If you like this idea, give @Hulet’s post a heart, and I’ll circle back. I like the 48 hour wait period, but I’m open to a 24 hour one, which seems to work fine in football.

I like the option of the 24 hour wait.

How about 24 in the offseason?

A related, but different request: Could we add an “potential adds/trades” section to the Roster Organizer or allow a freeform row entry for each column. It would be a more useful tool for trades, if it could be used to show roster-spots addressed and calculate salary totals.


Could you break this request out into a new Topic and explain a little bit how this would differ from the Targets functionality that currently exists? Thanks!

The idea of making it a league choice (24/36/48) is very interesting.

36 May be the optimal number, since that would allow the full next day for review (think about trades made around 10 am after someone has set lineups that morning followed by not setting until lunch the next day… happens a lot, especially on weekends) for any owners.


Is there a separate thread for this yet? Interested to follow.

Nevermind, found it.

So with 10+ “Likes” is this going to happen @nivshah?

This isn’t enough Likes to catapult this request to the top of the queue, but I’ll revisit this down the line and reconsider if necessary. Down the line, I could see this becoming a league option.


24 hours is more than enough for me. Would prefer that. I would also prefer 0 to be a commissioner option, as well.

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Could you make it once the vote passes the trade gets processed/vetoed? Active leagues could get a deal processed within hours.


A cool idea for sure. I’m taking all the suggestions in this thread under consideration, but I have a couple of other high-pri things I need to knock out before I deal with this. If you haven’t already, leave a heart for any ideas in this thread you particularly dig!

I initially liked @swindaman3’s suggestion, but then I realized that I value – and sometimes rely on – the certainty of a fixed processing time. In season, it would be kinda messy if you couldn’t be sure that a guy would/wouldn’t be on your roster when his next game starts.

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I assumed you kept the 48 hr. Max

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My comment wasn’t about the maximum time; it’s about the minimum. Imagine it’s in season and I own, say, Verlander, and he’s scheduled to start tonight. I have a pending trade offer for him. I want to know that if I click “accept” at, say, noon today, he is still going to be on my roster for tonight’s game. I wouldn’t like the uncertainty of wondering whether a bunch of prompt “approve” votes were going to cause Verlander to leave my roster before the game starts.

Maybe this is a bad example because I could just wait until after the game starts to accept the trade. The larger point is that because lineup management is often so precise in Ottoneu (lookin’ at you, Mr. 1530 Club), introducing uncertainty about when a trade will be processed seems undesirable.


Good point, i don’t know that it would bother me one way or the other, especially if there is a notification to the teams that the trade was processed.

or alternatively if we could have it this method during the offseason. But im sure it could be a pain in Niv’s behind.

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I prefer 24 hrs.

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Leagues can choose between a 24hr and 48hr wait period, though that option won’t be available until after the keeper deadline. Read more