Anyone ever hear the story about last year's league 6264

Last year there was a league 882 that had one amazing team (6264) which that had guys like Trout, Harper, Judge, Kershaw, Sale, all on $1 salaries while other teams had a $55 James Shields or a $49 Alcides Escobar. I assume that one team topped the global leaderboard at end of the year as it led at least most of the way.

We had an owner in our league who was supposed to tell us what was going on it that league at the end of the season. But, he ended up dropping from our league and never explained what was going on. It appears the league has disbanded for this year. Something fun was happening in that league, and I am wondering if anyone on the community can provide the backstory.


I believe this was a golf scoring league, but you had to hit your caps.


This is the right answer