Anyone seeing links on the Lineups screen?

Last night I noticed that the hitting and pitching stats are showing up like links. I thought there was a new feature so I clicked on it. It is actually making it out as a phone number and doesn’t actually go anywhere. Not sure if this is just me and my browser or if anyone else is seeing this on Mobile.

Those links are absolutely not coming from Ottoneu. Could you link to your lineup page?

Your mobile browser is just doing something dumb. I am unable to recreate on iOS with Chrome or Safari, but trying to turn those numbers into a phone number, that seems like some goofy mobile browser behavior.

Interesting. Let me try to clear cache or something. I’ll keep you updated. FWIW I’m also using Chrome on iOS

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Nothing has worked so far but I did find this: Disabling the conversion of numbers into links on mobile browsers

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I’ve added these meta tags to the Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball site. Hopefully they fix anyone affected by this weirdo issue, and if it does I’ll add those meta tags to the rest of the Ottoneu sites.


That hasn’t seemed to make a difference but thank you for trying!

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