Appropriate return for Altuve?


Hi, I’d like to get others’ thoughts on a trade offer in a Fangraphs Points league.

Team A gets:
Jose Altuve ($38)

Team B gets
Daniel Murphy ($15)
Kyle Schwarber ($16)
Gleyber Torres ($5)

Team A has a big hole at SS and a decent need at OF.

Any thoughts on this trade are appreciated!


I think I like this return, but interested in if you consider Altuve a keeper at $38 - would you keep him, and will the other team want to keep him?


Hey Niv, thanks for the reply. The owner actually retracted the offer and made another offer with Juan Soto ($1) instead of Gleyber Torres. I was leaning toward accepting the first offer, but I liked the new offer as well, since Soto has been really impressive. I probably would have kept Altuve at $38, and the new owner probably will too. My offense has suffered without AJ Pollock the last couple of months, so this lets me fill some gaps, even though Murphy won’t be quite as good as Altuve.


If I was owner B I would be trying to get Soto and Torres. I would value that package at $6 more than an older Murphy coming off of injury and Schwarber. Obviously the package needs change based off you are contending this year or not.