Arbitration increases not applying?

Had one team not allocate to every team but did allocate all his money. Rightfully, his arbitration should not apply based on previous precedent.

However, none of the other arbitration increases have applied despite being indicated in the results screen.

League 171, appreciate any insight, thanks.

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I gotta run a script! Will do this soon


Hey Niv, Happy Offseason and fools day

Any udpate on the arbritration #'s being adjusted to the correct numbers now? Our league is trying to manuever cap and make moves to see where their team is at. Looking forward to hearing from you


Niv is pretty fast on these things. Iā€™m sure he will run a script ASAP and update us as soon as there is one to give.

Sorry for the delay fellas, on me. Will have an update soon

Arb should now be applied.


Thanks Niv! Much appreicated