Arbitration Integration into Roster Organizer

As I’m getting impatient to start nailing down my 2023 rosters, I had an idea for impatient people.

Could current arbitration dollars be added to the roster organizer? That is, instead of a salary as part of Name column, what if the roster organizer had the Curr Salary / Curr Arbitration / Projected Salary columns between Name and Ros% columns.

Then, add a button to toggle between “current” and “projected” salary total.

Perhaps a simpler option could be the ability to edit any player currently on the roster and manually override their salary.


This little thing works really well, its under your team name on the roster organizer. Just update it with the current total that has been allocated against your team.


That’s true. At the player level it could help inform keep / cut / trade thinking.

Making every single player’s salary editable for the days in between arb being ‘done’ and being applied seems like overkill to me.

I’m warming up to the idea of adding a little notation of arb dollars to the roster organizer for this period while arb is live though, so let me think about that.