Arbitration & Past Results

Arbitration should be starting soon, get ready folks!

Also any word on when we might have access to a league’s 2015 & 2016 results / standings? My league grabbed all the data for 2016 right before the season ended, but there should really be a record section like in baseball.

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Yep, good reminder on past results. I’ll have a lot of time this summer to tackle stuff like that.

Arbitration is open! Get to it :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks Niv, really excited for both of those!

Any chance we could get 2016 points on the Arb pages, similar to baseball?

Yep, filed this bug, but have a couple of other pressing things. Will get to it in the next day or two!

EDIT Easier than I thought, so points are up there now.