Assume $1 bid on nomination in auction

Seen others talk about this but not sure it has come up here, so not sure if @niv has seen it. in the live pre-season auction, when i choose to nominate a player, would it be possible to have the site assume a $1 bid and then i can change it if I wish? It’s a small thing, but it means that I can click “nom” next to a player and then the “start auction” button without having to enter $1. seems like this would allow things to move quicker by removing a click and a key stroke from the nomination process.

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Yeah, this would be good. In the first round last night we had two or three managers miss their first nom because they didn’t enter an initial bid (or they tried to put it in the top ‘Bid’ box rather than in the second ‘Initial bid’ box).

I guess you need to make it very clear that you can change the $1 default value if you wish though.

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