ATC Glossary Questions

In reviewing this season’s ATC projections I am totally clueless as to the meaning or importance of the last three columns. Those read “InterSD, InterSK, and IntraSD”.

Could someone explain these columns or direct me to a link that will?

Wow!! Thanks a ton for the link. Explains everything!

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I am probably missing something obvious here but when I use the auction calculator new interface and use the presets for ottoneu it seems to use only the steamer projections. When I select atc it gives me the same results as when I select steamer. I want to use atc but is there a way to do that if you use the presets?

I’m getting different values for ATC vs Steamer. Do you switch to ATC after hitting the presets?

I knew it would be something obvious - I was selecting steamer or atc before hitting the preset - thanks!

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