Auction 10/18: $50 basketball, league needs owners!

Hi all! A mix of old and new Ottoneu players is starting a new basketball league & we welcome new members to try basketball with us! Join us at Summer League - we’re at the $50 tier, using simple points.

Link here: [Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball ]Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball

Five spots left!

question … I dont have a paypal account and I cant sign into my old account (long story) so if I pay for the league as a “guest” and it doesnt get filled , will it return the $50 to my card?

because I want to join that league but was just concerned that I would be left hanging if it didnt fill

If the league doesn’t fill and you are not refunded as expected I will work with you to make sure PayPal sorts that for you.

okay great , i will sign up as soon as I can step away from my current draft and get my wallet


might not be a bad idea to try posting on the reddit “find a league” … thats how I found out about Ottoneu and the league im in thats currently drafting


I’ve signed up so we need 4 more …. Like I said it would be a good idea to make a post about this league in the Reddit find a league forum

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Posted but may have been auto-removed for some reason - I’ll look into it - thanks for joining!!

You have to post it on the daily discussion thread on the fantasy basketball subreddit. Filled a league with teams from over there.

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Good idea - posted

3 spots left!

I took the liberty to make a post about it but I would suggest that the commissioner does the same and another place that might be a good idea to make a post about it is on the Roto world site

If we don’t get 2 more by the time the draft rolls around can we do the league w 10 teams instead of 12?

Obviously I would prefer 12 but I would also prefer 10 over not having a league at all And I got to assume most of the other folks of the league would agree with that

one more spot!

Oh nice!!! Almost there …. I’ve tried to reply to all the Reddit posts about it so that they are higher in the thread maybe try replying to my posts

League is full!! Thanks so much everyone

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Just curious was it the Reddit post that got them?

FYI just had someone email me to drop out of this league so you guys need one more still. Hope you find one tonight.

Also, make sure to read best practices, which is written about baseball but true for all sports:

Yep - we had a drop, need one more - or thats that then

If you can find another time to draft, you definitely can start after the NBA season begins. The league is meant to stay together for many years, missing a few NBA games in your first season shouldn’t, in theory, matter.