Auction date listed on dashboard


On the userdashboard in the preseason, would it be possible to replace the standings column (currently shows N/A ) with the posted auction date for that league?

And if a league has drafted, perhaps that column would say something like “complete” for that row/league.

I think this would be helpful for those of us in more than a handful of leagues to have an at-a-glance look at our auction dates


The user dashboard now shows each league’s upcoming deadline after the keeper deadline and before the regular season begins. So now at a glance you can see when drafts are coming up and which leagues’ drafts are already completed.


hi Niv,

Would it be possible to update this once again so the dashboard lists the posted auction date for each league? This column shows the Season Start date for all my leagues even though many have posted Auction dates.

Oh yeah good call, not sure why that’s not in the mix. Will look into that tonight/tmw

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Ok so reviewing this thread it seems like I had this fixed, unfixed it, and now have refixed it! The dashboard should show your league’s draft day once it is scheduled as long as it is in the future.

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