Auction draft freezes, 3/21/2021

League 1086 trying to hold our auction draft right now and it keeps freezing, then won’t allow anyone to bid, chat, etc. but the timers are continuing to run in the background resulting in auctions ending before they can be properly bid on.

I’m seeing very intermittent connectivity issues and am working to figure out what precisely is going on.

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It looks like I can get things going pretty quickly again when I see the dip in connectivity. If you have a player who had an auction end without everyone properly being allowed to bid, commissioners are allowed to REMOVE the player from the team, which would allow that player to be nominated again.

Thanks Niv! We have been cutting players to re-auction, but had to Javier Baez three times before it worked correctly. :grin:

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Cursed Javier Baez. Perhaps now the server will stop acting up!

He must have pissed-off Jobu…

We have had a lot of auctions running today without any issue, so I am chalking the last 10-ish minutes (a couple of pauses around 3:24pm ET and one at 3:35pm ET) up to a fluke. I’m continuing to monitor but “Javier Baez in 1086 is cursed” might just be the answer.

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Freeze at 7:33 PM EDT

Just saw it, fixed it within 30s.