Auction Draft link missing

I saw in another thread that we should be seeing an “Auction Draft” link in the sub-menu below our league name, but we don’t see it in our home page (league 1344). The left-most option is “Arbitration”, then “Lineups”, “Daily Stats”, etc. Could it be because Arbitration is not done yet? Draft is scheduled for this Saturday.

This is one of the first (if not the first) off-season BUT before keeper deadline draft in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. We only made the option available this year I believe.

So, I’ve moved this over to TechSupport. I’ll have to explore what is going on here, sounds like a bug to me. And I’ll do my best to be available Saturday in case of issues.

Could you link me to your league home page so I can take a full look?

Nice, glad to help break ground on that!

Here is the link Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Ottoneu World Order. I guess if it comes to it we can use an external tool and upload the results later?


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No, you should be able to draft just fine. I’m just gonna do some extra testing to make sure.

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Forgot to update here but the link should be showing up now.

Yes, I was just writing a message, looks like we’re good to go!

Just one last question: on the “Current Managers” page, every manager has the “Done with draft” box checked. Will they be unchecked once the draft starts?

Those boxes shouldn’t be checked, so I’ll see what is up.

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This should be fixed.

Yep, looks good now. Thanks a lot, Niv!

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Hi @nivshah we are all in the draft room but the “Start Auction” button is not working and when we try to nominate it says “the auction is not running at this time”

What happens when you press Start Auction? Let me know exactly the error message

No error message, the button simply doesn’t work and won’t allow clicking.

And when we try to nominate we get an error message on the upper left corner, “The auction is not running at this time”

Thanks for the details. I’m investigating. I tested this earlier this week and didn’t see this issue so it may be a minute. I apologize for the inconvenience.


No problem, we got by manually and it went surprisingly well, probably going to try to do another live draft session in about a month or two.

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What did you end up doing?

I’ve finally figured out what was going on here and the Start Auction button should be showing up correctly now.

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Awesome mate - thanks so much for turning this around so fast!

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We ended up just doing it over Discord, following the draft order and calling each bid when guys were done. Because we’re all on (very) different time zones, it’s really hard to keep everyone together for more than a couple hours.

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But yeah, thanks a lot for taking care of that, we’re looking forward to using it for the next stage!