Auction Draft Question

New to Ottoneu Drafts this year…I know most of the higher priced popular players get bid on first…Is it a better strategy to put a bid on a more affordable player at beginning of draft or near middle or end of draft? Which part of draft will I get a better discount on said player?


Generally speaking, the later the player goes the more likely you are to get him at a discount. The exception is if they’re the last player in their position tier, then you sometimes get crazy bidding for a mediocre regular just because there is no one left to bid on. For example, in one my of 5x5 leagues last year, there was a mid-draft frenzy for Javier Baez. No one really wanted to overspend for him, but he looked like the best available SS left at that point in the draft.


Glad you’ll be giving Ottoneu a shot this year. It’s a great format.

This is also a great question because strategy and gamesmanship can all play a part. There likely isn’t one right answer.

I’d say the first step is to go into the draft knowing the values you believe players are worth. After that, you can try various strategies. Mixing and matching what sort of player you nominate and when.

I try to identify enough players I like and know the league will bid on so that I can be one of the last people still nominating players. As @walt526 said, you’re more likely to get guys at a discount if you can wait, and if you’re the last owner standing (with open spots & $), you can get any remaining guys of interest for $1.