Auction draft roster limits

providing that an owner at the auction draft has sufficient salary dollars to do so, can that owner draft players that would push the rostered player count to over 40?

in other words, can an owner run out of roster spots before running out on salary dollars on draft day

No, they cannot. They will be capped at both 40 players and $400. The only exception is if you draft a player on the 60 day DL, which would enable you to draft 41+

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thanks…I couldn’t find that in the rules anywhere, though I knew once your $400 was exhausted you were “done” in the draft

will the program limit what you can spend on your theoretical “last” player at auction as a function of your remaining open roster spots and the $1 per open slot requirement?

Yes. You cannot use the auction draft to go over roster limits.

I’m pretty sure you can only draft 40 period. Last year I had a team that had Homer Bailey, who was already on the 60 day, and it would not let me draft a 41st player.

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What if you have someone on the dl during draft? Then can you?

The 60-day DL is not considered during the auction draft, so if you have a player on the 60-day DL during the auction draft, they will count against the roster limit. Once the season begins, they no longer will count against the roster limit.

So, you will not be able to go over the 40 player limit during the auction draft.

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Hi Niv,

Can this be added to the rules page? I cannot find it anywhere there, but perhaps I just missed it.




This has been added to the rules!

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