Auction on mobile?

Does the auction work on mobile - phone/tablet?

Some users have had success using mobile/tablet and the technology stack is built to support a wide range of devices. However the auction draft is a fast-paced event and it can be hard to keep up on a tablet or especially on a mobile phone.

I’ll let those with more experience on those devices chime in here, as I always draft on a laptop.

I’ve auctioned a lot over the years on phones and tablets. Not yet this year, but the improvements Niv has made should help there too. It’s not like the page and asset sizes are a problem for cellular networks (as long as you actually have coverage over the area), and the response time is good enough that the timer shouldn’t be an issue.

The key on a phone, and this is probably less of a problem with this year’s updates, is to not plus one (or two, etc.). Use the bid entry box and try to stay disciplined and use it throughout. This keeps you from mistakenly bidding up players while other bids are made. In the early days, this was a pro tip regardless of what device you were drafting on, heh.

The only other thing I’d say, is take advantage of the time before your auction to build up a watch list to import. As long as you have players on the watch list, you won’t have to scramble to search for players, which can be slower on mobile.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to fully participate. I’ve carried on conversations in the chat, performed commish duties, enforced auction prices and won players I was targeting, all on mobile.