Auction priority

If I have multiple auctions open, how does the system determine priority if both can’t possibly go through? For instance, if I win auction 1 using more money than I would need to win auction 2, my bid on auction 2 should be wiped out. Right? Or would I have a cap hit somehow?

Rule 8 under In-Season Auctions says:

New bids cannot be submitted and existing bids cannot be modified by a team that is over roster or cap limits

But if you create bid 2 while bid 1 is still active, what happens?

You can bid whatever you want on both auctions. Winning Auction 1 will have no impact on your bid for Auction 2. If you win both auctions and those new salaries take you over the cap, then you’ll have to make cuts to make your roster legal afterward (including potentially one of the guys that you just won, if you didn’t plan ahead).

FWIW, I don’t bid in auctions unless I know exactly how I’m going to clear cap/roster space to accommodate them. If you’re dealing with multiple potential cuts, then I’d suggest putting it into a spreadsheet and make sure to account for the fact that you’ll need $1 free for each open roster spot (e.g., if you have 24 guys and are at a $400 cap, then your roster isn’t legal).


Thank you.

Follow-up question. The rule states:

If a team has more than 25 rostered players or not enough cap space to roster 25 players, the team will be locked out of normal activities until a player is cut or moved off the team via trade.

If I have 25 players and a cap of >$400, that doesn’t seem to be covered here.

I agree that the rules do not explicitly point out that you can’t have more money than your cap space right now and will fix that.