Auction room not reflecting cap space correctly for vote-off league

I’m in a league that used the vote-off system for arbitration this offseason. We have our auction tomorrow evening and I noticed that while it looks like the twelve voted-off players can be nominated for auction, the “free cap” number for each team does not reflect that these players are free agents.

For instance, a $27 Xander Bogaerts was voted off my team, leaving me with 20 available roster spots and $157 of free cap. The auction room correctly shows that I have 20 available roster spots but indicates only $130 in free cap. Is this something that the commissioner of the league could correct, or does it need to be changed on the back end?

Apologies if I am missing something! We did just change our arbitration system to allocation for next offseason, so perhaps this is confusing the system. Many thanks!

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I’ve heard of this bug and I’m aware of it, and it is definitely a bug and not something you are missing.

One league reported a workaround to mark the team as done and then unmark them as done in the Commish Tools → Current Managers part of the site.

Another league who had vote offs didn’t have this issue, so I’m still exploring what is going on here.

Thanks for your response, Niv! We actually tried temporarily changing the settings back to the vote-off system until after the auction – this resolved the issue with the ‘free cap’ numbers, and we had a smooth auction this evening (the auction room was smooth, that is, though I’m definitely in the market for a shortstop, or two). Thanks again.

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Really helpful info, thank you.