Auctions Wins/Immediate Drops

First time playing in Ottoneu this season. Noticing recently that a couple teams in my league are nominating and/or winning auctions on multiple players but then turning around and dropping these players right away to put them back on waivers. I thought maybe it was for the purposes of potentially trying to keep certain players out of competing teams lineups for a long period of time, but then one of these teams did this same thing with Trevor Bauer, who has been suspended now for some time and is obviously not pitching.

Any thoughts as to what the strategy would be around this? Just wondering if there’s something I’m missing, or if this team is just trolling us to try and draw out cap money from the rest of us?

Probably just cutting the salary cap penalty in half.

This actually helps bring players back into the market. In the case of a high priced dud of a player who isn’t performing well, the owner can cut him and immediately get back half the salary. But even at half the salary, nobody might want that player, so, what about at a quarter of the salary? Perhaps. So the owner can continue to re-auction/immediately cut him (after the 30-day waiting period). This frees up money for the owner, and perhaps brings the player’s salary into an acceptable range for somebody else to grab him.

By the way, if you look at your roster page, it shows the players who are contributing to your penalties. It even bolds the players who you can renominate for this very purpose. If you have a bold name down there who is more than $1, you should totally renominate! At the very least, you can then drop that player to cut the cap penalty in half, or maybe there’s an owner out there who will take him, and the entire penalty is removed!


Ahh, yes. It does look like that is what’s happening. I went into the player history and can see what you are saying. Thanks for clearing that up.


In addition to reclaiming cap space, there are also psychic rewards for repeatedly dropping Trevor Bauer. Or so I’ve been told.