Auto-bench players switch and doubleheaders


With the new not in line-up function, will it sit a player who starts the first game of a double header and sit the player if they sit the second game? Thanks

Doubleheaders are treated like single games and if the player is red X before the first game and the auto-bench is enabled, they’ll be benched for both games.

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how about the opposite… if they are green for the first game and they play that game but don’t start the 2nd game does that count as a game played? how about if they pitch hi in the second game? thank you

Doubleheaders always lock for both games on the first game.

Separately, if the auto-bench switch is enabled, a green check always keeps a player in. Red x always benches a player.

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Wait, what? Is that an option: To override the autobench on a player to player basis? I don’t see that in my lineups. Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying Niv?

The only green checks I see are for pitchers when they are starting.

Sorry, ‘checks’ was the wrong word. Green = won’t be benched. Red = benched.

Ah. I got you. I was worried that I missed an option somewhere.

Although (low priority) that would be a nice addition to the system. Individual Never Bench options.

I think that granularity becomes basically managing your lineup. So … just manage your lineup. :slight_smile:

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If a team roster goes to illegal due to FA pickup, player coming off 60 day DL, etc, will the auto-bench still happen? If I wanted to bench a player on an illegal roster, I couldn’t so I was wondering if the same restriction exists for auto-bench.

I believe, as of now, auto-bench works for all teams, not just legal ones.