Auto drop if red X appears

What about a setting that auto drops to the bench any player with a red X? Having to check lineups repeatedly throughout the day is a little annoying.

If you auto drop and don’t fill the spot, what does auto drop do for you? You have to check the lineup anyway to make the substitution.

I’d rather have it empty and have to make up the game than risk the player pinch hitting or coming in as a defensive replacement. Late in the season when you’re hopelessly behind the 162 games played pace you could turn the setting off.

Alternatively, or additionally, there could be a setting that swaps in a player with eligibility at the position with a green ^ symbol. I guess setting lineups could be considered a fantasy “skill” but the 4:30PM-6:30PM window when lineup decisions are being made by teams is not a great time for a lot of us to be hassling with lineups. Maybe this feature could be a setting that the commisioner activates or not.

I’ve been in leagues where busy grown-ups essentially could not compete because they can’t check lineups repeatedly during the evening commute/dinner hour. Over the season you just fall farther and farther behind the games played pace.

I think the actual solution is more involved than jerry-rigging something on to how lineups are set now. Something like setting a depth chart and getting a “best ball” output - whoever starts gets priority over people coming in mid-game, and you get the stats from players higher on the depth chart whenever available.

That is more of a solution for people who sim through their seasons a week at a time instead of people who want to go deep on matchups on every single game (to use a baseball video game metaphor), and it’s also a pretty aggressive re-thinking of how fantasy sports are played, but it has been kicked around by people in this community for the last 5 years, and I am definitely interested in it.

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