Automatically remove departing players from Trade Block

Continuing the discussion from Opt-out of Trade Block updated emails:

Can you please add functionality to automatically remove players from the Trade Block’s Haves list when they are cut or traded away?


Right now the trade block functionality is such that you can add anyone in the Ottoneu universe.

Would be possible to make it so you can only add the players currently on your team to the Trade Block? Then the player would (theoretically) automatically disappear once he is removed from your roster…


This is a good packaged suggestion to only allow Haves to include players on the team. I’ll wrap that into this overall upgrade.

This means managers will no longer be able to list other teams players they are interested in on their trade blocks. Which means this suggestion actually constricts available strategic avenues, right?

I’ve seen 2/12 managers do this in our league. Its actually a very pro-active strategy to utilize in the offseason when rosters become locked.

In “Needs” you can put any player you want. In “Haves” only players that are on your team (once this is implemented).


Gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that sometimes in leagues that have the MiLB feature (using the Restricted List) we often list those players as “Haves” too (eve though they technically aren’t rostered)

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Good reminder. I’ll consider this in my current attempt to rework the trade block

Adding a +1 to the original request to automatically remove players from a teams trading block once they are traded. I have several teams in my league with very outdated trade blocks, including a few where a player has changed teams twice.