Average Value Question

I had a question about the average salaries, accessible from the players tab on the league homepage. Are these values indicative of all auctions for the current year, or just new auctions? In other words, do these values reflect inflation from some leagues?

They are across all leagues, not just new leagues.

How often is the min/max data for player salaries updated? According to the Average Salaries page, Eddie Rosario’s max salary in FGPoints leagues is $13. In my league (380), his salary is $23. Why the discrepancy? Is it because Rosario is currently on waivers in my league and the system considers his salary to be $12? Just curious. Thanks.

Player salaries are for players that are on teams. Cap penalties are not considered for average salaries or max/min salaries. Salaries on the average values page and on player pages are updated real-time.

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Thanks Niv. Makes perfect sense now that I know the page is updated real-time.