Avoid overlap of NBA Keep/Cut and MLB Trade Deadline

The Ottoneu NBA keep/cut deadline is August 31, the same as the Ottoneu MLB trade deadline. There are probably good reasons for this! However, if it is possible, I would love an earlier or later NBA keep/cut deadline – I assume this is easier to move than the MLB trade deadline, which matches up with Playoff league calendars – to avoid having intense flashpoints in the Ottoneu calendar overlap. It’s not that big a deal, but it sucks to have these deadlines compound on one another. How am I going to figure out if I should keep/cut/trade Jaylen Brown when Zack Wheeler just hit the shelf and I need to trade for a replacement!

I don’t play Ottoneu NFL but I guess maybe people are also drafting for that now?

TLDR: It may be impossible to avoid some overlap but it would be nice to not have these deadlines be the exact same day.

Best and thanks as always! Ran into Eno at the A’s game and we talked Ottoneu lol.

This is an incredibly busy time of the year for Ottoneu people, but I also am not super confident in moving any of these deadlines around. A 9/1 keeper deadline leaves about 6 weeks between the keeper deadline and the start of the NBA season, now that the NBA season is starting a little earlier. I could be convinced to move the basketball keeper deadline to 9/15 but I also don’t want to make the draft window too tight since it is the hardest thing to schedule.


I think it would make the most sense if the NBA made their damn season shorter and waited to start until November…but barring that, I assume it would be a move to make NBA keep/cut a week earlier (or Aug 15 if you need easy to remember marks). The FA/trade stuff has been quiet enough over the last two weeks that I don’t think people are losing essential info about where players will be playing, etc.