Badges earned

@nivshah @LuckyStrikes

I earned the following badges in league #244. I’ve copied links to the pages.
-Loan Shark Badge -
-Key 2 Success badge (200+ SV & H) -

Let me know if you need any other info to award these badges. Thanks

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Both have been granted, congrats

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I have earned the following badges. @LuckyStrikes @nivshah

20K points in #244:

Gold wings 6PPI in #244:

Championship won in league #244 AND #846: 244:

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Congrats, sounds like a very successful season!

All these badges have been granted

Yea man. Won both my leagues. One new and one established which was a top 10 overall FGPT team.

Can badges be requested for past years (i.e. a blockbuster trade made in 2016)?

Sure! As long as you can link to it. Go ahead and use the specific thread for the badge: