Baseball Auction Draft Feedback Thread


In the draft room select OF from your dropdown box. The players who I can see that really cause this are lists where you have someone with a long name “Christian Bethancourt SDP” paired with someone with a lot of eligibilities Sean Rodriguez or Jurickson Profer with 1b/2b/ss/3b/of. When players like that are on a list together you should be able to see what I am referring to. Just tried to pick an example that’d work.


I never would have thought of this issue, so thank god for @OttoneuTrades and his insanely in-depth auction strategy.

I have made some changes to search results and the wish list that result in the player name taking up much less space. This should reduce horizontal scrolling on free agents by a lot.

There will still be some situations in which horizontal scrolling will be required unless you have the largest of displays (which is my response to some of the other issues up thread as well), but the feedback in this thread has helped me clean up the interface even more over where it was a couple of days ago.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback so far, and please keep your notes coming if you have something no one else has mentioned yet.


I would love to be able to manipulate the order of my watchlist (e.g. alphabetically or in order of my upcoming nominations).


Significantly better than last year. Didn’t freeze up once.


When clicking on the “W+” link on a player row in the search box, the window jumps to the top of the page. This behavior is undesirable (IMO) because a user then has to scroll back down to the search box if they want to add more players from the search list to their nomination queue. I can’t remember if other links on the auction interface behave similarly, but I found myself frequently having to scroll back down to the search box when adding players to my queue. event.preventDefault() in your javascript code within whatever click handler you are using on those links should prevent the jump to the top of the page (


What kind of screen resolution do you have where you have a vertical scroll in order to see the draft page?


I was on a 13.3-inch (2560 x 1600) MacBook Pro, but the default, effective resolution is more like 1280 x 800.

I ended up zooming out in the browser (to like 80%) to resolve this issue and the issue with the nomination queue overflow that’s already been mentioned.

Thanks for the work you put into the site.


Got it. When I built the draft page I tried to design it so there was minimal vertical scrolling on most resolutions. At this resolution it sounds like vertical scrolling is unavoidable, so I’ll rewrite the click handlers at some point.

The vast majority of users are using higher resolution displays as reported by Google Analytics, so this will be lower priority but absolutely addressed.

UPDATE Once I explored this a bit further, it turns out the change was less complicated than I thought. The issue @rob.allgood mentioned should be improved now.


Draft experience has been solid this year, but I agree I also find myself wanting to move players up and down in the watchlist queue during the draft (or before).


A bigger nomination box that you can load before your turn comes up would be a big help. During the draft if there’s a player up for bid I don’t care about I would like to be able to get my nomination ready instead of panic-scrolling each time it comes up or being distracted from bidding on players I want. If I could put two or three guys in the box before my turn comes up it would make nominating faster. Thank you.


Another vote for being able to drag and drop within the watchlist. Also there is now more horizontal space in the Watchlist and Find Players boxes which is highly appreciated since I had trouble clicking on “W+”.


If you agree with someone else’s suggestion, just click the “heart” underneath it. Please don’t write a “me too” post as it gets the conversation stuck and prevents people from bringing up other feedback.

This thread has turned into “I also would like to order the watchlist”, which I am sympathetic to but also… any OTHER feedback?


I think I came off harsher in that last reply than I meant to, and I didn’t mean to call anyone out specifically.

It sounds like if the watchlist was order-able and also maybe acted as a nomination queue that would improve the experience a lot. If the 30 second window runs out but the nominating team’s watchlist has players on it, instead of moving to the next team, the top player in the watchlist could be nominated for $1.

If the watchlist was order-able in some way, would this be compelling? Or is automatically nominating a player a bad idea, and I should just focus on making the watchlist order-able?


I think auto. nominating the top player on the watchlist could be good. It would certainly cut down or eliminate the problem of teams failing to nominate. In a pinch, being able to manipulate the watchlist order would be awesome.


Hey Niv, I’ve been quiet for a while but just wanted to say I love the tweaks to the auction page! I noticed several for the first time tonight and it was a pleasant surprise :slight_smile:


I would like to see the watch list from main Ottoneu pages auto load into the draft watch list, rather than have the draft new a separate list


Hi Niv,

The auction room is so much better than when we started back in 2013. Anyway The draft room itself is much larger and I cannot fit the whole page on my 13" laptop screen. I have to scroll to see the remaining $ managers have. I think it would be nice to have it be responsive-- it does fit perfectly in my iPhone 7+'s landscape mode though.


I’d like to see a purge of draft eligible players. I got bagged on Nelson Cruz. Not the current Mariner, but the RP that last pitched in 2003. Why is he auction aligible? I am new to Ottoneu but not Fantasy Baseball. I would never have thought to make sure I was bidding on the correct Nelson Cruz. I was not the only one because there were multiple bids on the player and he was ‘won’ for the ADV of the Mariner Nelson Cruz. He was one of the first 50 players offered up so it was assumed the OF/DH Mariner. Not sure how many other retired players are in the database that people have to look out for.


I’ve actually recently made a change to address this (in the last 2-3 days) and will be working with FanGraphs to make sure the set of retired players is constantly updated.


In my 4x4 league we have a 5 year gag of nominating Barry Bonds first and him going for hundreds of dollars (before we back it out obviously). So remove everyone but him!