Baseball Auction Draft Feedback Thread

Draft season is in full swing, and y’all are getting a lot of time in the auction draft room. We’ve put a lot of effort into performance in the last 2 years and a little effort into interface as well.

Please use this thread with constructive thoughts on how the auction draft experience has been for you this season. This feedback is essential to the growth of the Ottoneu games, and I plan on taking it seriously. Those of you who have been around a while already know that, I’m sure.

Hey Niv, I had a number of people commenting in my 2 auctions so far this year that it would be great if the system automatically put in 1$ for a nominated player. Also it would be neat if you could “queue” your next nomination, so not just add to watchlist but have there name ready in the “Nominate” section so when your turn comes you can just hit “Start Auction”. Thanks for the great work!

I saw this thread and am aware of that feedback, though I think allowing people to start auctions for $1 easier will make the auction drafts go much slower. I’m open to it, and it’s an easy enough change to pre-populate the Initial Bid box.

EDIT The initial bid should be pre-populated with “1” now.


Is there a browser you would recommend using. I was having issues with navigating the scrollable modules in chrome for Mac. Have you had any similar feedback?

There is a message at the bottom of the draft room page that says this:

For the best possible draft experience, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

I personally use Chrome on OS X (across 3 different machines!) with great success.

My guess is this is the reference to scrollable modules. It happens worse when the browser window is smaller, anything under 1100px has a bunch of overlap.

Also at that browser window size, the text is bumped up right against the edge of the browser frame without any margin. In the draft and on the regular site it could use just a bit of breathing room.

I would be surprised if someone is using updated Chrome on OS X and has the window under 1100px and didn’t think to make the window bigger, but I’ve pushed a change to help this a little bit.

The draft history box is a little screwy and I’m still figuring out why that is the case.

I have done two drafts and both have had at least one significant crash. Restarting Ottoneu would give us a Bad Gateway error. Things usually worked themselves out in 5-10 minutes, but I just wanted to make sure you were seeing the error messages.

Also, if there is an ability for Commissioners to adjust the nomination time length or auction time length, that would be nice.

Otherwise, it was a relatively clean interface and user-friendly. Some new users had issues figuring out the nomination and waitlist buttons, but I am not sure that is something you can fix.

True about making the window bigger, that’s what I did when I wanted to nominate someone from my watchlist.

When I am drafting, though, I usually have at least two windows open on a laptop screen.

I’m aware of an issue for about 7 minutes on Sunday (3/12) evening.

If there was another outage at a different date / time, please DM me with details, as I haven’t heard about it at all.

Not sure how to DM. It was not a full outage, but about a third of our draftees were kicked out of the 504 draft on Friday, Feb 24th. As far as I could tell, it was the same type of issue.

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Thanks, I will investigate site issues on that date.

To anyone else reading this thread - please please please please reach out to me if you run into system outages with the draft system!

@ottoneu on Twitter

or here on the forums.

This was my 6th year drafting with ottoneu, and it really went great. It was 10 days ago and I can’t remember a single technical hiccup. I could definitely see the changes and thought the new layout looked great.

I especially liked the sound effects for the start and end of an auction. I usually don’t like sound effects but draft day usually has me with a couple dozen tabs open and they were perfect reminders for when an auction was started or finished.

Great work-- thank you for designing and running my favorite game!

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Would it be possible to develop a box that shows an owner’s team as he/she wins an auction? A number of owners in the leagues I’m in said they wished they realized that they already won auctions of players at certain positions. In the heat of the draft it can be easy to forget who you may have already picked up or had on your team already.

One other suggestion is the ability to move players up/down the wish list box as a way of pre-ranking your players. A few owners were upset with themselves because they forgot certain players were still available because they were at the bottom of their wish list at the time they set it up. It would have been nice going in to the draft having your top players of interest at the top of the wish list and then be removed as they were won.

Otherwise, the drafts I have been were issue free on the technical side.

Thanks for taking the time to create this feedback thread.



I’ve always just kept my Roster Organizer up in a separate tab and refreshed each time I won an auction. Would be cool to see on auction screen dynamically though I agree.

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Loving the updates on the site overall. My only feedback for the auction would be ensuring available players at position were ranked in some way. It was a bit clunky to scroll down to find available players. Also, if I could see my roster develop/draft results for my team in the window. Lastly, I was not able to check “done with draft” as there was text overlaying the box. Thanks!

IF this has already been mentioned, apologies. I would really like to have either text wrapping, or a scale-able display box for the FA que. Right now, you can’t see the W+ button to add players to your watch list if a players name is too many characters. If you could drag the box to make it larger that would fix this, or if players names wrapped to a second line. Either way, that would help a lot, since my whole draft comes off of my watch list.

This is pretty specific - what players are both on your watchlist and have long enough names to mess with that?

Feel free to DM me if you don’t want to give away anything :slight_smile:

(You mean it’s possible to load to many players into your watch list? :grinning:)

The watch list is okay.

The problem I was having was with the Free agent lists. So if I clicked on 2B (or whatever other position) what happened is that the little “W+” button at the far right to add a player to your watch list would get pushed out of the display box (it was too far to the right) because one of the names in the FA list was long. So you would have to go to the bottom of the FA list, scroll right, recognize a player by the remainder of their last name, in order to click “W+” to add them to your watch list

Also, I add every player we rank at rotographs, plus some others to my watch que because I hate searching for players in the draft. So this really didn’t impact me as the night went on, but if I wouldn’t have had 200 players in my que it would have been inconvenient.

I will need to see specific player names to even begin to try to address this use case.

EDIT Actually if the watchlist works okay… I have some ideas. I’ll look into it!