🥃 Baseball League

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Very early idea, but thinking of a new league in 2019 for those who love both bourbon and baseball. Entry fee would be a $50-$100 bottle of bourbon (your choice) annually, where the winner each year gets to pick from 12 bottle selection; the rest of the bottles are awarded every five years to the owner with the most overall points during that period. Might work best as a H2H FGPTS league.

If this is interesting to anyone let me know…


Sounds like a fun format! Would the prices be based off the player’s local pricing or would a neutral pricing source be used?


Good question…I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I would imagine local pricing probably


I’d be into joining this if there’s a spot.


Sounds fun either way, let me know if it pans out!


I’m also game to join if this gets up and running! Let me know if it becomes a reality.


I’d be very interested. Love both!


Would love to join if this gets off the ground.


If you do this league, I’m in…


I am also interested if this league takes off! would love to join, let me know


Great Idea! Don’t love the H2H factor, but I’d definitely be interested in the concept. Let me know if you decide to give it a go.


Just checking in to say that I’m still very interested and I vote for H2H Fangraphs. Let’s make this happen!


Yes, this league is still a possibility this off season…will continue to leave it open for discussion and will revisit just after arbitration is complete


I’m in if we can expand it to Whisky, to include Scotch, Irish, and even Japanese.


I could do this… I also like the idea of expanding the options to other dark colored spirits.


Mr. Paisley, we should get together and share these spirits locally. What do ya say?


I defer to you @LuckyStrikes, but happy to make myself available to commish or co-. But interested in getting this going, if everyone is still in. Thoughts?


Definitely still interested in this, but it would probably not be until next year at this point, ey? Do we have any consensus about the parameters?


I do not believe this league will be happening in 2019.