Baseball lineups changing

Has anyone run into this? I set my lineups a day in advance and the next day its no longer set. Its happened a few times but I figured maybe I didn’t actually do it. However, last night I had Nimmo and Acuna, in a doubleheader, in my H2H lineup. Today? Nope. On the bench. Checked another team just now where I had left the web page up from the night before and hit refresh…the lineup changed!

Both Acuna and Nimmo are sitting in Game 1 of the DH. Sounds like you have autobench enabled.

That would make sense however, for the other team I referenced, the players removed from the starting lineup are not out of the game today. When it happened before the players also played the game and that includes starting pitchers.

When you go forward in time and change lineups, do you then go back to the present day and change lineups?

I do this a decent amount and never run into this issue but its important to know what you are actually doing on the site.

What players were removed from the lineup? Were they in your lineup the day before? Did you take them out of the lineup a day earlier?

I will chalk up the Nimmo/Acuna thing to them being out of the starting lineup. I will try to keep a closer eye on who I have in the lineup in case it happens again. I don’t have any specific examples at the moment.


Yeah as many details with the players involved, what you did to the best of your recollection to all of your lineups across any dates you modified them - the only way to start talking about any potential issues here.

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