Baseball players automatically unlock if MLB game postponed

Players will now automatically unlock from your lineup if and when their MLB game is officially postponed. The postponed status comes directly from, so once a game shows postponed there, players should become unlocked within 5 minutes or so.

At this point, this is the best we can do to resolve the Rain Delay and PPD wishlist item, and I think it is overall a pretty good solution. We’re continuing to work on getting weather data, rain delay information, and more robust scheduled start times, but this should be helpful for setting and adjusting lineups going forward.


This is confirmed to work based on Detroit-Minnesota doubleheader today. Will be about 20 minutes at most after the game is posted as postponed on

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This would be more helpful if we could automatically swap in players whose games have already locked. If the guys I’d have played if I’d known there’d be PPD are already locked, it doesn’t help much if the PPD’d guys get unlocked. What about like a ranking system for bench players so we can get them automatically subbed in for PPD’d guy (to protect against just picking replacements based on performance)? There have been a ton of PPDs and DHs this year that are so unpredictable.

I think what you are requesting is covered here: