Probably crazy idea: Create depth charts that would affect daily lineups

Scenario: Had this occur today, got busy at work and I have multiple players who are not playing with backups resting on the bench that I can’t use today now. :frowning:

Proposed idea: What if RosterOrg allowed me an option to set a “Depth Chart” for each position such that let’s say I have Josh Bell and Jared Walsh I could set Bell as my starter and Walsh as a backup. In the case the Bell doesn’t start and I’ve enabled the “Depth Chart option” then Walsh would be subbed in automatically.

Dave Cameron asked for this in like 2016 or 2017.

Ultimately setting lineups is a huge reason why people engage with the site and their league and removing the ~90s ritual of setting lineups would have a really negative impact on Ottoneu engagement.

On top of that, depth charts can get extremely complicated quickly with multiple eligibilities, etc.

So, this is not going to happen.


That makes sense, I know I’m the type of user that would come in daily regardless of a depth chart. But I’m an abnormal user and I can see how this would negatively impact overall engagement, I didn’t think of that!

Thanks for the response!

If it could also incorporate platoon splits, that would be great too! For example, Arraez is 2B1 if and only if a RHP is starting.

I agree that setting daily lineups is one of the best parts, but what if the auto depth chart feature only kicked in to protect from having an empty slot due to a postponement? Is that too niche of a feature to spend time on?