Baseball Redesign Is Now Live


Minor issue but I noticed on the Roster Organizer page, for all of my leagues, my team’s number of players at the top reads “… of 42” (and I don’t have any 60-day DL guys). All the other pages that show the 40-player roster limit seem to show it correctly (Roster Page, Cut Players Page, League Finances page).

Also, the secondary drop-down menu disappears on some pages (League Settings & Rules pages, Team Arb Results page, and the Player Average Salaries page). I’d like to see it for all pages and avoid using the back-button when I’m on them.

And while the Player Search page appears when you click on the ‘Players’ link, if you click on the ‘Search’ item in the drop-down you’re re-directed to the “Oh No!” page… which isn’t a big deal since all the other links in the drop-down navigate to FanGraphs, and it would be redundant to click on ‘Search’ while on the Search page, but it still threw me off for a second.

Interesting changes, but right now I prefer using @gweedoh565’s adjustment with the Stylish app for Chrome…
Looking forward to the larger Draft overhaul…


Agree text choice makes the site look dated… I thought I was seeing an lite version of the site… navigation on mobile is 100% less intuitive and, frankly, frustrating. Important stuff is getting cutoff too - it feels like the mobile version isn’t really designed for mobile… I am also seeing duplicated messages… and being told something is unread when it’s read (via email).


And now I can’t find a way to get out of this community area and back to my league…


I don’t want to be a downer because I know you’ve put a lot of work into this, but I agree it’s a little difficult to read the light green against the white background. Constructive criticism is always helpful and I appreciate all you do for the site!


I’m going to close this topic and point people to the newer topics:

This isn’t an end to the conversation, but instead just making sure everyone’s seen the follow-ups! Thanks for the continuing feedback and support.