Baseball Redesign Update

Thanks to all of you who participated in the feedback thread. I read every post in there and I appreciate all the thoughtful feedback and discussion.

I’m working on some solutions regarding the contrast and spacing concerns, and I’m hoping to get these changes out this weekend or early next week.

I’ve pushed out a few other smaller fixes in the last two days, including an update to the page footer (the support link works again and the FAQ has been re-added). I’m also working on getting the trade block note to wrap properly on the team page.

I’ll start a second thread about the inbox breaking, as that isn’t design-related but instead a bug I introduced as part of other changes.

Thanks again for your feedback. I’ll update this thread once there are new changes live on the site.


Thanks for taking all of the feedback into account! One further comment - it would be great if team names could stick to the intended capitalization. Names like WAR Horse, wRCking Crew, etc. Maybe that is really superficial, but I feel like it is part of the fun.


I appreciate you working on the contrast and spacing issues while listening to the feedback. Excited to see what improvements are made to go along with the improved navigation changes.

One thing I did notice that I would be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on, would it be possible to have numbers appearing on the site (Player Stats, Standings, etc.) be Right aligned? This is standard for number formatting.


Thanks for making it a great site. I appreciate the clean aesthetic of the update!

A login link on the league main page would be nice too … I get timed out anD have to take three or four steps to get logged back in…

The footer now has a “Log In” link if you’re not logged in. This is only relevant on mobile - on desktop there is a log in link in the main nav if you are not logged in, but mobile has a lot less space with which to work.

I’ve just pushed a small set of tweaks meant to add some contrast to the site. It’s very much still in the original style, but with slightly bolder fonts and more background color variation to demarcate the various sections on the page.

Thanks again for the feedback and thoughts on this. I know you all spend a lot of time on these sites and I want the experience to be enjoyable for everyone.


Color tweaks look great to me, thanks so much! I’m really liking the new layout I’ve I’ve gotten used to it.

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Looks great - the darker font for the player stats is certainly easier to read.

I wonder if the players in a ‘pending trade’ could also be made slightly clearer? The blue is very faint on my screen - could the player name also be put into blue rather than green to make it even more obvious where a player has already been traded?


Hey Niv - still enjoying the new design, but I have another small request.

In the old version of Messages you used to be able to click on the Team Name of the manager you were messaging at the top of the thread and be taken straight to their team page - now you have to come right out of messages, to the league page and then to their team page.

It would be great if you could add this functionality back in.



Roster page content error: “Postition Players”


I’m new so my apologies if this has been questioned before. The light green fonts don’t contrast very well with the background making them less than optimal for viewing. And the light blue fonts for pending trade almost makes the numbers look like they are behind a fog.

I can use a Firefox extension to change the contrast but that makes all the fonts black so I lose the visibility of pending trade players.

One more question, as this is much improved. Wasn’t there a cut confirmation box last year? Had a couple teams need players returned because they missed the right boxes and cut the player above or below by accident.

The confirmation dialog only shows up during the regular season.

You may ask: why is this true? And frankly that is a perfectly good question. I do not know. I will open an issue to make the confirmation dialog a year-round thing.


Thanks very much. A small thing, but I think a great quality of life upgrade for the offseason.

Hey niv. Still very much like the redesign, but I’m finding I continually mistake the zeros for eights. I see here that the Roboto Mono designer is pretty proud of the slashed zero, and I can see that his O and 0 have very similar widths so he needed a solution, but I think it’s a bit of legibility failing. I do have old eyes, fyi.

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