Baseball waiver claims are not working

Had a team in my league place a claim for a player on waivers, no other team placed one but the team that put in a claim did not get the player. Anyone know why?

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I’ll check tonight. Waivers have been real wonky this year so far…

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Same thing happened in 1136, waiver claims are ending up on the current auctions list. Pretty sure it’s happened to every claim since the auction.

Could you explain what you mean by this?

Instead of being added to the claiming team’s roster at full salary, claimed players are going to the auctions page where everyone can bid on them, starting at 50% salary (as if they passed through waivers?). I’m checking with other managers, but I know it happened to me and two more at least.

Without someone explicitly starting the auction?

I’m sorry, I got it mixed up, I think I did start my auction (for Sixto Sanchez, I was looking to see where he went and must have started the auction). So the issue is they’re actually going through waivers and ending up as FAs. Same thing happened to other managers and George Valera, Dom Smith.

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Alright so claims were being put in and aren’t being processed.

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There was a waiver claim that processed correctly yesterday morning and I see a few more that are set to process in the next 24 hours. I’ll monitor these and update this thread once I know more.

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Niv, this seems to be working okay now - the last two claims in our league were processed correctly. Sorry again for any confusion I may have caused, and thanks for looking into this!


Ok, I think claims made before 3/11 were not working and then my fix finally went into effect…

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I’ve confirmed this is working now. Sorry about this, everyone who was affected - I know it’s really frustrating to put in a claim and then not get a player.