Basketball Categories Options?

I’m wondering if there is any consideration to altering the categories for basketball categories leagues future years or is there or will there be an option to customize the categories for leagues? Another option might be having standings determined by each category won each week. That is, if I win 7 out of 9 categories in a given week, my record is 7-2, instead of 1-0.

Here’s why I’m asking. I think it would be helpful if we changed 3pt% to 3pt made and/or FT made to FT%. The reason is that I’m thinking the current categories cut too heavily in favor of one type of player: traditional big men. Traditional big men, thinking like Rudy Gobert, Clint Capela, Jakob Poeltl, Steven Adams, Mason Plumlee, etc., are very strong in four categories: rebounds, blocks, FG%, and turnovers. They can’t hurt you in 3pt% if they barely shoot any and they don’t hurt you as much in FT made as they would if it were FT%, where big men are traditionally worse.

So it is a sound strategy to load up on those types of players at all your F and C eligible slots and Util and then try to win just one other category every week. If you can dominate those four categories, you win the week if you win just one other category. Probably the easiest option is 3pt%, if you filled your guard slots with 3pt specialists, e.g. Joe Harris, Duncan Robinson. There’s one team in my league that is following this plan, currently. I don’t begrudge that they’re doing that. It’s well within the rules and it’s something I figured out before the draft but just didn’t want to do myself.

I just think I would prefer if this is not an option in the future. Personally, I did a $20 league to test it out this year since I haven’t done a basketball league in at least 10 years. Next year, I’d like to do a bigger money league and I don’t really want to deal with this strategy, because frankly, it’s probably a real good one and I don’t want to feel like I need play that way to place in the money.

The thing I like about category leagues, as opposed to points, is that it incentivizes building a well rounded team that more closely resembles a real life basketball team that requires diverse skill sets.

I think this issue could be alleviated really easily by doing some or all of the following things:

  1. Going to 3pt Made instead of 3pt%
  2. Going to FT% instead of FT Made
  3. Having each category count for a win or loss like I mentioned above, so that winning many categories is better than just winning 5-4
  4. Eliminating TOV as a category

Will it be an option to have different category scoring systems in the future, to change the current default categories, or to have a second category scoring system to address this?


@walt526 guessed at why these categories specifically here:

I’m not super interested in adding a ton of scoring options to Ottoneu and I don’t think these categories are bad or broken 3 days into the season, but I’ll review at the end of the year.

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