Basketball Category Win-Loss Tracker

Hey, Niv. I think it would be helpful in basketball category leagues to have a tab that tracks a team’s win-loss record by category week-to-week (for example, my team record in just the steals category this year has been 1-8 this year). I know we can figure out where we’re weak in a category by looking at the team production tab, but that info does not track team production as a whole on a weekly basis, only individual player or player slot production. I’d like to avoid math as much as possible. :grin:

This makes some sense to me. The standings page is probably more what you want to look at for “how is my team overall producing steals in this league” but you’d have to get into @walt526 -level scraping/analysis to see precisely the info you’re interested in.

Maybe room for some external tooling here given the various exports we make available, in the meantime.