Basketball draft league 20

Niv having some lags in the league 20 auction

Worse than usual from the baseball and football drafts I’ve done

Sorry I missed this as it was happening. I’m investigating as to what would have slowed down this draft to make sure future drafts don’t have issues.

I’ve made some more performance improvements to the basketball draft. I believe it should feel less laggy now.

Sounds good, will let you know how it goes during part 2 tonight


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I won’t be up when y’all are drafting unfortunately, I am traveling internationally and these drafts are around 2-4am my time. However I was able to see some slowness this morning and made something along the lines of a 2x improvement.

My league had a pretty smooth draft and one other league has had a relatively smooth draft and those were before these improvements, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

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My hope is that no news is good news for this draft?

It seemed much better for me, but I was only able to do the first hour or so. I believe the commissioner is posting on here as well, he may have more feedback. Either way, thanks as always for a great product! I know very little about basketball and still had to try it out as I’ve enjoyed your fantasy baseball offering for about 10 years now.

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Not commish but another league member. We had one big-ish hiccup, seemed like it was an issue with all of Ottoneu Basketball, player pages wouldn’t load, league page’s were laggy and we had a few auctions that ended but weren’t reflected in the league (we just re-auctioned those players). Once we noticed the completed auctions weren’t going through, we took a break and when we came back it was working again.

Outside of that it wasn’t nearly as laggy. I’ve never been more excited for a basketball season, thanks to Ottoneu basketball!

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I saw that hiccup in retrospect but that hiccup seemed quite unrelated to the draft software and more universal

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