Basketball draft showing incorrect info 10/16/2021

all of a sudden only a team name showed up as the pick being bid on, and now lots of things are showing up incorrectly

the entire queue changed to tam names

Whoa ok checking it out.

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How long were you guys drafting before this happened?

How do things look now?

was smooth sailing, until drummond got nominated and only a team name showed up for everyone. we paused, and that screen shot is what it did to the queue

We haven’t tried another pick, drummond was added back to the player pool. Worried we will have the same problem, should we test another pick out or hold tight? Are our queue’s lost probably lost?

Something real goofy happened with a watchlist… checking it out.

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Nah not lost, something goofy happened in the caching of watchlists. They will be regenerated.

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Looks good now

now the chat is also posting everything that is said twice

post a screenshot, this is what mine looks like and i just refreshed.

Looks better for me but draft history incorrect

mine just came back as well! Niv you the man, cheers dude

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Yeah the cache is acting up but generally you guys should be fine. If you see a watchlist issue, the best thing to do is remove someone from your watchlist, which forces the site to regenerate your watchlist, and then add them back.

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Thanks very much for looking into it and fixing it


Yeah sorry about that but hopefully it was a needed short break.

Oh and generally the double-chat stuff can be fixed by a quick refresh.

I have some ideas as to why the cache freaked out a bit here but won’t go into a deep dive until later tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve pushed out some changes this morning that should reduce the chances of the cache going haywire like it did for league 30’s draft yesterday. Will keep an eye on this issue going forward.

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We had a bunch of drafts run yesterday without any reported issues so I’m marking this as fixed.

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