Basketball/Football: Link to Player Pages on Sports Reference?

On the baseball player pages, there’s a link to their Fangraphs page, which is a really helpful shortcut to find out more about a player. Fangraphs obviously doesn’t do basketball or football, but what about linking to their or pages? The Sports Reference sites have information like additional stats, game logs, etc.

I don’t know whether this would be applicable/useful, but it looks like they have some code for automatically adding links to players for a variety of site platforms:

I am not going to do this. We are partnered with FanGraphs and I am happy to send them traffic. Neither of those things are true about Sports Reference.

Ok. My thought was not so much about giving them traffic as it is improving the user experience. Right now there is pretty limited data available on players on Ottoneu itself, so it would make sense to provide a link to a page that has that. Doesn’t have to be Sports Reference… maybe or whatever.

Or what about linking to the players Rotowire pages? Nonsubscribers get access to quite a bit and Ottoneu has a business relationship with them.