Basketball in-season auction coin flip?

League 43 had dozens of vickery auctions to complete their bidding.

I think I’m 1 for 17 on flips, which seems unlikely to be random. I was curious if the coin flip process used in baseball was the same as for basketball.

If everything is fine, I can just take my bad luck and deal with it! But it was starting to become noticeable.

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Its the same as football, but I will investigate and see if there’s something wrong with the random team picker here. 1 out of 17 is pretty rough.

@weezy this is what happens when you tempt the coin flip gods with slackbot all the time…


Definitely something wrong here. I’m investigating.

Ok this should be fixed - coin flips should be truly random again for teams tied in the standings (i.e. everyone until Monday)

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