Basketball leaderboards now available

If you visit your Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball league home page and click Players you will now see some new sub menu items:

If you click on Leaderboards you’ll be presented with my attempt at recreating the FanGraphs baseball leaderboards, but for your basketball league.

I think it is relatively straightforwarded to use so I am not going to go into a detailed write up. Go mess around with it! Post any specific questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I really appreciate the help from @chy924 @dberuta @eamuscatuli and @mmaude to test this thing out.


Been playing around with it. Am I missing the fantasy pts column?

Nope, you can export any results and calculate those yourself for now. All the data is there.

Great feature – super useful. Curious - what’s the rationale for excluding the Fantasy Pts col? Seems like quite a lift to export & calculate locally.

It’s just a lot of columns already and the way the dataset is pulled from the DB (which is what makes the leaderboards fast) makes it very hard to calculate points while maintaining speed. I optimized heavily for speed, I think without it being fast its not much better than the current search.

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