Basketball: Make 1 Division the Standard

I’d suggest consideration to make all leagues 1 division as the standard. The top teams make the playoffs. If leagues wish to give advantages for being randomly assigned to a division with a rebuilding team and/or absent owner, have that be something they change to.

Have the default setting be the linear option, that awards participation. This will keep more teams engaged and in the playoff hunt until the end of the season.

Ottoneu leagues are long-term, but there is turn-over. In all my leagues there has been at least one owner change per year, every year. Being in a division with rebuilding teams gives a huge advantage. Rebuilding teams and absentee owners have the minimal possible effect on 1 division leagues. There is a lot of peace of mind knowing that absent and/or shitty owners affect everyone equally.

The NBA is discussing going to 1 division because of all the trash that has qualified from the Eastern Conference over the past 20 years. The advantages are amplified when there are only 12 teams split in multiple divisions.

I’ve made 2 changes:

  1. For basketball, the default is now 1 division.

  2. More importantly, you can change this setting as a commissioner up until the start of the regular season (10/19 this year).