Basketball Owner Wanted

A spot opened up in our $20 league, draft is Sunday, Oct 17th at 6pm EST. You will be responsible for the $20 fee and we’re discussing a separate prize pay-out with an extra $25 pay-in, but that’s not mandatory and you can opt out.

The league is “Jordan Rules” and you can find it on the Available Teams Page.


Just give me the ball and get out of the way.

Paid too. :moneybag:

Let the battle for second place commence. :basketball:

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I know it’s late but I’m looking to get in a league so please let me know if you need another owner.

I have an owner that’s looking to leave, interested in taking over?

Actually, I have found team and really can only handle one at the moment. Thanks for the thought though.

I’d be very interested

It’s been switched, let me know if you need help. Drop a note on our league message board once you’re in if you don’t mind