Basketball stat corrections

So, I’m sure this is on the backlog, but it looks like stat corrections aren’t yet a thing for basketball? Kevin Porter shows as having 20 points and 9 assists on 10/22, but it looks like a single play was scored incorrectly and later corrected in official stats, so that he had 18 points and 10 assists.
Ottoneu matchup:


I did find a public yahoo league, and was able to pull up their stat corrections log, and it looks like this single play was the only one from week one:

Honestly though, I’m only noticing this since the rotowire blurb mentioned him coming off an 18-point, 10-assist night, before the turnover fest on Sunday.

Should we expect weekly stat corrections in the future? Will this be similar to other sports, where corrections outside of a confined timeframe are just rerun at season end?

Any idea when this stat correction was applied? Seems to me that re-checking a rolling last 3-4 days of games once a day would maybe cover this for the NBA. MLB’s issue is that stat corrections happen up to 2 weeks later and the NFL basically never has stat corrections so the NBA is in the sweet spot where we might be able to catch everything during the season.


I can confirm our data provider does have updated stats for this game, we just didn’t keep checking for them. So I guess the first step is figuring out how long we need to keep checking a given game for stat updates after it is marked as ‘closed’ by our data provider.

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Yeah, I was looking around and seeing a bunch of references to corrections happening the same day–a postgame stat review similar to what the NFL does I guess. But I’m not sure if this was applied same day or end of week. The note on the yahoo page says they were applied 10/24 though, if that is accurate.

The Kevin Porter Jr. stat correction has been applied and I am working with my data provider to figure out the best way to get changes as they happen. The Kevin Porter Jr. change was made by the NBA on the 24th, and I think I can build a system that will catch these changes as they are applied. Ottoneu will not be providing a log of these changes but our stat lines should reflect the final official NBA stat lines.

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Awesome news, thanks Niv!

There is a system now in place that will apply all stat corrections from the previous day at 1:30am ET. This should catch basically every stat correction going forward.

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