Bench production missing from Team Production page

Niv – does the bench scoring line under the Team Production page disappear during the offseason? Per the screenshot above, it used to be there, although I haven’t looked for it for a few years, but I don’t see it now. Thanks!

Bench production was removed related to this fix:

I’ll think on it but extremely low priority because it does not really matter. Next season with the Ohtani changes, it’ll be much easier to add in the missing positions, but right now I’d prefer accuracy on the players that were in the lineup.

EDIT: I should say bench production was inadvertantly removed as part of this fix.


Just seeing now that bench production was inadvertently removed to fix the issue.

Agree with the extremely low priority and that it doesn’t really matter, but I’m replying anyway to note that I’d (selfishly) like having bench production back someday - honestly, more so for unused pitching points.

Which brings me to a question: If a pitcher were misused in the lineup (a SP is actually used in relief but is in a SP spot), would those points appear in the bench total for RP? (if they appear at all).


In years past, on the lineup pages under “production by position”, it displayed the “points” that were left on the bench. So far this year that is not showing. Not sure if this is a tweak or a bug. It obviously doesn’t matter much, but I always liked it as a measure of collective waste and measurement of decisions being made, be it pitching matchup choices or our own platoon decisions.

This thread was refreshed just a day ago…

I’ve added back bench production to the Team Production page.

We do not distinguish between Hitting Bench and Pitching Bench, so while this change does not double-count Ohtani – i.e. if the pitching version is on the Bench and the hitting version is in Util, his hitting stats won’t count towards both Util and Bench – it may result in including stats if you have a position player on your bench that pitches or a pitcher on your bench that takes an AB, despite those players not being playable in those slots. That’s somewhat of an outlier (not enough of one, honestly) and I’ll keep this thread open if the Bench stats become too noisy.


This is one of those cases of be careful what you wish for: I can now easily see that I’ve already left almost 300 points on the bench this young season. :grimacing: I should have trusted CJ Cron outside of Coors (among other mistakes)!

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