Bench starting pitchers not starting

Warning: May fall under "Manage your lineup :slight_smile: "

I wake up on Saturday. I’m on the West Coast atm so on weekends I’m scrambling to get lineups in before East Coast day games start. I go to switch Kevin Gausman into my SP slots and … realize all five of my SP slots have locked. This bites! (And, immaterial as it should be, Gausman throws an amazing 6 innings, 72 pitches with 60 for strikes. That splitter…)

Could there be an auto-bench option for SP slots the same way there is for batters? I am guessing that this is hard to implement because you don’t want auto-bench for RPs, and maybe it’s hard to code so that it auto-benches SPs but not RPs. And maybe my particular situation won’t happen that often. And surely there’s something else I’m not thinking of. But there you go.

Why not set your pitchers for the next day the night before?

Also I always have SP that aren’t starting on my bench and just put them in the starting lineups for days that they are scheduled to pitch.

I leave the few SPs I start regardless of matchup (like Gausman) in SP slots perpetually and keep the rest empty, to be filled day by day when I tweak lineups. I recommend leaving at least two SP slots empty for this purpose.

Life happens, but with this approach I haven’t missed a start from my best SPs all season.

I’m on Mountain Standard/Pacific Daylight time all season and have an 8am alarm to set my relievers, move active SPs, check the weather forecast for possible PPDs, and fill any holes in my hitting lineup for the day.

I recommend a ritual like this regardless of your timezone, for the morning of or night before, whatever suits you best.

P.S. This wishlist item isn’t likely to get traction, because Niv has repeatedly stressed that lineup setting is key to staying engaged with the game. And ‘bench SPs that aren’t starting’ doesn’t help manage innings the way that auto-bench helps manage game caps by solving for pinch hitting appearances eating into hitter games played.