Best Ball Ottoneu Leagues

I’m not sure how hard it would be, but it would be great to have a best ball Ottoneu league (Pts, H2H, etc.). I know of a handful of managers I could either recruit to Ottoneu or keep on Ottoneu if this game type was an option.

I wrote a message in Slack a little bit ago about why I do not plan on adding Best Ball to regular Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball and I stand by it. To quote myself:

I think a lot of people would play Ottoneu Best Ball and that’s cool but I don’t think it is aligned with the rest of the platform in terms of recreating the decision making of a pro sports team

Lineup setting is very important engagement for Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball, and I think removing lineups from a single-dimension points league would make leagues significantly less fun and more akin to gambling on projections (which points leagues already suffer from a bit, but that’s a different conversation…). There are other sites you can use if you want to do that.

Best ball is essential for a cross-league competition like OPL, so it will remain a core part of the OPL experience but not anything beyond that.

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Great platform I’ll stick with no matter what but do wish you would reconsider. I dont wish to “gamble on projections”. Many of us just don’t have the ability to check lineups throughout the day to see who is sitting/starting- we work for a living. We lose lots of points to those who can do that and hit the maximums. If you hate the best ball idea, can you think of other ways to address the underlying issue. You have autobench, What we really need is autofill. If Player A is sitting, put in Player B. Less effectively since start times matter but it’s something. Best Ball resolves the issue but may not be the only idea. Lowering caps is an idea but I don’t particularly care for it and doubt you do either. Maybe you have better ideas or maybe we should just suck it up. Anyway this commenter isn’t alone.

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